AC & DC Machines

DC Motor

Working principal of DC Motor

What is back emf?

Torque and output power equation in the DC Motor

Speed control of DC Series Motor

Speed control of DC Shunt Motor

Function of Starter in the DC Motor

Characteristics of DC shunt motor, DC series motor and DC compound Motor

Brake Test

To perform Swinburne Test on DC Shunt motor

Applications of DC Motor 


Principle of Transformer

EMF Equation of transformer

Transformer on NO load

Transformer on load

Losses in the transformer

Transformer efficiency and condition for maximum efficiency

Parallel operation of transformer

Working of auto transformer & saving of copper material

Voltage regulation of transformer

Per unit resistance & per unit reactance

Neutral shift in the transformer

Compare – Distribution transformer & Power transformer

Zig zag transformer – construction and advantages

Classification of Dry type transformer

Advantages of stepped core over square core in the transformer

Transformer name plate as per Indian Standard

Standard kVA rating of three phase transformer

Transformer testing : Type test & Routine Test

Technical specification of three phase transformer

Compare – three phase transformer and Induction motor

To perform open circuit test on transformer

To perform short circuit test on transformer

Three Phase Induction Motor

Rotating magnetic field produced by two phase winding

Define : Synchronous speed, slip spped, speed , rotor speed

Frequency of rotor current

Starting torque and condition for maximum starting torque

Full load torque and condition for maximum full load torque

Crawling and cogging

Compare : Squirrel cage and Slip ring induction motor

Torque – Slip characteristic of three phase induction motor

Control circuit of Direct on Line starter

Control circuit of automatic star delta starter

Control circuit of semi automatic star delta starter

Control circuit of forward reverse starter

Compare starting torque and full load torque in the starter

Single phase induction motor

Split phase motor : construction and working

Construction of capacitor start and induction run motor

Construction and working of capacitor start and capacitor run motor

Compare : Split phase induction motor and capacitor start induction run motor


Compare : Cylindrical rotor and Salient pole alternator

Special Electrical Machines

Tertiary winding : construction and working

Earthing transformer : construction and working

Hysteresis motor : construction and working

Reluctance motor : construction and working

Constant voltage transformer : construction and working

Constant current transformer : construction and working

Linear Induction Motor : construction and working

How to separate eddy current loss and hysteresis loss in the DC Machines?

How to separate eddy current loss and hysteresis loss in the Transformer?

To perform Hopkinson test on DC Shunt Motor

To perform field test on DC Series Motor

Design of DC series motor starter

Design of DC shunt motor starter

Compare : BLDC Motor & Conventional DC Motor

Stepper Motor terminology : Holding torque, Step angle, resolution

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