16 February 2020

Illumination System : Diffraction, Excitation, Emission, Glare and Incandescence

Electromagnetic Radiation
  • It is defined as the emission / transfer of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves associated with photons

12 February 2020

Law of Magnetizing Force Between Two Magnetic Poles

Laws of Magnetizing Force
  • Let us consider that the two magnet poles are placed in a medium. 
  • The m1 and m2 is magnetic strength of the two poles, r is distance between them and µ is absolute permeability of the surrounding medium. The force ( F ) between them is

8 February 2020

What do you mean by Stability Factor?

 Stability Factor

Biasing Method : Voltage Divider Method

  • This is most popular method of biasing and stabilization. 
  • There are two resistance R1 and R2 is connected across supply voltage VCC to provide biasing. The emitter resistance RE provides stabilization.

4 February 2020

Stabilization and Thermal Runaway in the Transistor

  • The process of making the operating point independent on temperature changes and variation of other transistor parameters is called as Stabilization.

3 February 2020

What is Biasing? Essential Condition For Biasing

Transistor biasing

2 February 2020

What do you mean by Faithful Amplification?

Faithful Amplification
  • The raising of strength of input weak signal is called as amplification. The faithful amplification means amplification without change in shape ( output voltage ).