18 April 2019

Electrical Important Terminology : Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage

There are some importance Electrical definitions are given as per IE RULE 1956. All these definitions are given as per IE rules 1956.


  • The apparatus means electrical apparatus including all machines its accessories in which conductors are used.

17 April 2019

Minimum Clearance Between Transmission Line Conductor And Ground

The minimum distance between transmission line conductor and ground is given as per Indian Electricity rules 1956 is given as below.

Clearance between lowest conductor of the transmission line and ground

  • The overhead line conductors including service lines do not erected across street at height less than

13 April 2019

Standard Alternating Voltage And Permissible Voltage Limit

The standard voltage ( in India ) for low and medium line distribution was 230 V for single phase and 230 / 400 V for three phase system but due to economic advantage IEC recommended 240 V for single phase and 240 / 415 V for three phase system voltage with ± 6% voltage variation. 

12 April 2019

Colour Code For Flexible And Non - Flexible Cable As Per NEC

The colour code for non – flexible as well as flexible cable as per NEC ( National Electrical Code - India ) is given as below.

Colour code for non – flexible cable

Single Phase AC
Red / Yellow / Blue


11 April 2019

Stepper Motor Terminology - Holding torque, Detent Torque, Step angle and Resolution

The terminology associated with stepper motor is given as below.

Holding torque

  • It is torque required by the rotor in order to rotate at full step angle from its standstill condition when one or two phases of the stator winding is energized by Direct current.

Protection Area Covered By Lightning Arrestor

Introduction of Lightning

  • The lighting is a natural hazard which is discharged as static electricity.
  •  The important point by considering damage point of view is return stroke.  
  • The current discharged by the return stroke is about 2 kA to 200 kA. 

7 April 2019

Design of Lighting System

The design of lighting system depends upon following methods.
  1. Watts per square meter method
  2. Lumen or Light flux method
  3. Point to point or Inverse square law method