Compare EV & Petrol Vehicles

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

People think that why we buy two-wheel electric vehicle. Whether there are any long-term financial advantages or not? Here we try to understand advantages of buying electric vehicle by case study. If a person daily travelled 50 km by his conventional petrol two-wheeler, our suggestion to buy EV or two-wheeler electric vehicle. According to Shoonya portal, following are the advantages of buying two wheeler electric vehicle.


Compare Lap Winding & Wave Winding

Compare Lap Winding and Wave Winding

In this post, comparison between lap winding and wave winding is given on the basis of parallel path, current in each path, equalizer rings, commutation difficulty and on the basis of conductors.


What is Plasma?


  • When the atoms in gas becomes ionized, an electrical conducting medium in which there are roughly equal number of positive and negative charged particles are produced. This is called as plasma.


Toxic Chrome Coating

What is Toxic Chrome Coating?

  • A new method of deposition of Nickel alloy coatings on high-performance materials in engineering applications can replace environmentally toxic chrome coatings. 
  • The coatings obtained are also highly corrosion-resistant and useful for the plastic ware industry.


Types of Geothermal Power Plant

Types of Geothermal Power Plant

There are following types of Geothermal Power Plants

Dry Steam Plants

  • It uses steam directly from a geothermal reservoir to turn generator turbines and produce electricity.

Geothermal Energy | Advantages | Disadvantages

Geothermal Energy Definition

The Geothermal energy comes from two words – Geo (Earth) and thermal (Energy). It is renewable energy because heat comes from earth surface continuously. The geothermal energy is renewable energy produced by using heat of earth surface.

Earth Layers

  • An inner core of solid iron about 1500 in diameter.

What is RNG in Electrical?

Full Form of RNG

The full form of RNG is Renewable Natural Gas

About RNG

  • The natural gas produced by the decomposition of organic matter under anaerobic condition is known as renewable natural gas. 
  • The gas is captured and then purified to remove water, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.