Waste to Energy Government Scheme

Waste to Energy Government Subsidy / CFA

The objective of the programme is to support setting up of waste to energy generation projects for generation of Biogas / BioCNG from urban, industrial and agricultural wastes.

  • It provides central financial assistance to project developers  and service charges to for inspection agencies for commissioning of waste to energy plant.

Energy Conservation in Industrial Furnace

Industrial Furnace

In this post, some of the methods of conservation of energy in the furnace is given. It includes optimization of combustion air, exhaust losses, excess air level, main air pressure, fuel quality, excess air monitoring, axis of burner, ceramic coating of furnace and flue gases from furnace.


Tips For Energy Saving in Television

Energy Conservation in Televisions

In this post, some of the non-technical methods of energy conservation in television is given. It includes size of TV, energy saving mode, screen blanking feature, darker room with sensor, LED TV, LCD TV and switched off main supply.

Energy Conservation in Air-Conditioner

In this post, methods of energy conservation in air conditioner is given both technically as well as non-technically.

Technical Energy Conservation in Air-Conditioner

  • An inverter type AC adjusts the speed of the compressor to control the refrigerant flow rate therefore it consumes less current and power whereas non – inverter AC starts and stops repeatedly.


Compare EV & Petrol Vehicles

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

People think that why we buy two-wheel electric vehicle. Whether there are any long-term financial advantages or not? Here we try to understand advantages of buying electric vehicle by case study. If a person daily travelled 50 km by his conventional petrol two-wheeler, our suggestion to buy EV or two-wheeler electric vehicle. According to Shoonya portal, following are the advantages of buying two wheeler electric vehicle.


Compare Lap Winding & Wave Winding

Compare Lap Winding and Wave Winding

In this post, comparison between lap winding and wave winding is given on the basis of parallel path, current in each path, equalizer rings, commutation difficulty and on the basis of conductors.


What is Plasma?


  • When the atoms in gas becomes ionized, an electrical conducting medium in which there are roughly equal number of positive and negative charged particles are produced. This is called as plasma.