21 September 2019

Power Point : Thermal Resistance

Power Point : Gate Protection of SCR

20 September 2019

Power Point : Freewheeling Diode

14 June 2019

Daily Renewable Power Generation In India

Renewable Power Generation Report
How do you know daily renewable power generation in India?
Just click on www.cea.nic.in

Disadvantages of Low Power Factor

The three phase line current IL = P / ( √ 3 ) VL Cos ะค
As the power factor is low, the load current is high and vice versa. The low value of power factor affects following ways.


Construction of Cable

The cable consists of following main parts.

Core of Cable

  • The core of the cable is made of aluminum / copper. 
  • It is lies in the center part of cable. 
  • However the number of core depends upon the type of cable either