Solar Cell / Modules | E-waste Management Rules

Solar cell e-waste management

The India’s total installed capacity of solar energy till march 31, 2014 was 2.28 GW and as November 30, 2023, cumulative installed capacity reached 72.31 GW. The ministry of environment, forest and climate change, government of India has notified e – waste management rules, 2022 on 2nd November, 2022. As per rules, every manufacturer and producer of solar modules / cells / panels shall

Concept of Solar declination angle

Solar declination angle

It is angle between the equator and a line drawn from the center of the earth to the center of the sun. The plane of the equator and a line drawn from the center of the sun to the sun of the earth is called as declination angle, δ. The declination angle varies seasonally due to tilt of earth on its axis of rotation and rotation of earth around the sun. If the earth axis is not tilted, the declination angle is zero.


Importance of Azimuth angle on AC energy output

Importance of Azimuth Angle

The solar power modules are heart of solar power plant and it needs to be at optimum location in order to generate maximum energy. Any variation in the location and orientation leads to loss of energy therefore it is important to understand exact orientation and positioning of solar module. 

Incentive for use of green hydrogen in transport sector

Green hydrogen in transport sector

In this post, our focus clearly on green hydrogen in transport sector is given. Transportation is one of the potential sectors where Green Hydrogen can replace fossil fuels. It is expected that Green Hydrogen based vehicles can become cost-competitive over the next few years with the falling costs of renewable energy and electrolysers.


Adani Solar Power Plant in India

Adani solar power plant

In this post, details of Adani solar power plant in India are given. The Adani green energy limited is the largest renewable power producer in India and committed to provide clean energy in India. The climate change is key concern for the world today and all countries are focussed on the energy transition toward renewable and clean energy sources.


Analyze Effect of Solar Tilt Angle on AC Energy Output

Effect of Solar Tilt Angle on AC Energy Output

In this post, the effect of solar tilt angle on energy output of solar panel.  Let us consider that residential 4 kW solar panel is installed in Surat, Gujarat, India. As Surat is in the northern hemisphere therefore the solar panel is installed south facing. The effect of solar panel tilt angle on the output AC energy is given here.


India’s first 120 MW Vertical Solar Farm

Vertical Solar Farm

Dell Inc. is an American multinational computer technology company that develops computers, related products and services. They were looking to invest in clean green energy in their Indian facilities, and partnered with Tata Power Solar to integrate solar power in their energy mix.