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Power Electronics


Industrial Applications of Semiconductor Devices

Pulse Transformer OR Isolation Transformer

Light dimmer ( Fan regulator circuit )

AC time delay circuit

DC time delay circuit

Static AC circuit breaker

Static DC circuit breaker

Firing of SCR by UJT half wave circuit

Firing of SCR by UJT full wave circuit

RL Phase shift control

RC Phase shift control

Resistance welding using triac and diac

Resistance welding

Three phase welding

Phase locked loop control

Speed control of universal motor

Speed control of Induction motor by solid state devices

Speed control of DC motor by solid state devices

How to improve power factor of converter?

DC Chopper

Working Principle of DC Chopper

Methods of Chopper output voltage control

Working of step up chopper

Working of step up / step down chopper

Configuration of chopper

Type A Chopper

Type B Chopper

Type C Chopper

Type D Chopper

Type E Chopper

Jones Chopper

Morgan Chopper

Speed control of Slip ring Induction Motor by DC Chopper

Speed control of DC Series Motor by DC Chopper

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