Power System

Power System

In this page, various articles related to power system, power plants, harmonics, active power, reactive power, reactive power compensation, types of buses and stability of the power system are given.

Power System

Total installed Power capacity in India

List of Power distribution companies in India

Ultra mega power plant ( UMPP ) in India

Transmission Line Map of India

Daily Renewable Energy Generation in India

ACS – ARR and AT & C Losses

National Power Training Institute

What is Vidyut Pravah ?

Integrated Power Development Scheme ( IDPS )

What do you mean by AC Drive?

What do you mean by harmonics? Sources of generation of harmonics

Compare – Voltage harmonics and Current harmonics

How to reduce mitigation of third harmonics?

Effect of harmonics on Power factor

Compare capacitor bank and Individual capacitor

Types of Reactor

Function of shunt reactor

Power Triangle – Active power, Reactive power and Apparent power

Series compensation by capacitor bank

Single Phase thyristor controlled reactor ( TCR )

Importance of load curve 

Importance of Load Factor & Diversity Factor 

Compare Symmetrical Fault & Unsymmetrical Fault

Types of Buses in the Load Flow Studies

Function of IREDA

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