Types of Reactor : Smoothing Reactor, Filter Reactor

There are following types of reactors
Smoothing reactor
  • The function of smoothing reactor is to reduce the flow of harmonic current and transient current in DC system.

  • It is generally used to provide neutral in the Delta connection transformer
  • It is a special transformer which provides return path for earth fault on Delta connected transformer.

Filter reactor
  • The function of filter reactor is to reduce / blocking harmonics and trap communication frequencies. 
  • They are connection in series / parallel with capacitor.

Damping reactor
  • The function of damping rector is to limit inrush current during switching. 
  • They are connected in series with capacitor.

Current Limiting reactor
  • The function of current limiting reactor is to limit current under fault condition. 
  • They are connected in series with the line.

  • As its name suggests, it is always connected parallel with system to neutralize effect of capacitive current.

Arc suppression reactor
  • The function of arc suppression reactor is to compensating the capacitive line to earth current due to single phase earth fault. 
  • It is connected in between neutral of the system and earth.

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