Compare - Capacitor Bank and Individual Capacitor

Advantage of Single Capacitor connected at load end
  • Improved motor performance
  • Reduced voltage drop in the line
  • Easier to select proper rating of capacitor as per motor HP
  • Reduce line losses
  • Increases system capacity
  • The capacitor cannot cause problems during light load conditions
  • Motor always operates with capacitor, no need of separate switch for capacitor
  • More flexible
  • Most economical
  • Low installation cost
  • Practical for large number of motors

Capacitor bank Installation in the Substation
  • Lower cost per kVAR
  • Plant power factor improved
  • Reduce kVAR charges in the electricity bills
  • Automatic switching of capacitor bank
  • Eliminated over voltage
  • Higher cost
  • Less flexible
  • Higher installation and maintenance cost

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