Prevent Tempering in the Energy Meter

The tempering in the Energy meter is prevented by following methods.
AC Watt hour meter
  • The location and installation should be as per CEA ( Central Electricity Authority ).
  • There should be no joints in the incoming cable and cable should be easily traced.
  • The seal of meter should be easily visible and accessible.
  • The installation of the CT is done in the neutral circuit in order to prevent tempering in the neutral circuit. 
  • The CT rating in the neutral circuit and phase circuit must be same. 
  • The installation of CT should be done such that there should be no tempering. 
  • The cable terminal of HV consumer should be sealed and easily accessible. 
  • The CT and meter is in single unit for LV consumer. 
  • If the CT is used separately, the cable wire connection is passing through conduit in order to reduce tempering. 
  • The CT block is used in order to reduce tempering in the CT in which terminals are directly connected to meter. 
  • The tempering in the service cable is prevented by passes through conduit and bottom or back hand side. 
  • The mounting of meter is done with proper encloser and multiple sealing.

There are following numbers of sealing as per IS : 14772 in order to prevent it access without braking it.

  • Manufacture meter seal
  • Service provider meter seal
  • Terminal cover seal
  • TTB seal ( Test Terminal Block )
  • CT – PT seal
  • Meter box seal
  • Cable joint seal

Digital Energy Meter

There are following features in order to prevent tempering in the Digital Energy meter. 
  • The reverse power LED display is provided if the input phase and neutral change. 
  • The meter should record following data in spite of tempering in it. 
  1. One or two phase remove 
  2. Neutral remove 
  3. Reverse current condition 

  • The meter should record correct energy in spite of earth is used as return path. 
  • The meter should not saturate in spite of DC current passes through it. ( The meter does not read accurate reading when DC current passes through it. ) 
  • The meter should not temper by Remote loop induction tempering device.

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