Transformer Name Plate As Per IS

The following information is displayed on the transformer name plate.
  • Kind of Transformer
Auto transformer, Booster transformer etc.
  • Number of Standard ( IS code )
  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Manufacturer’s serial number
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Temperature class of insulation ( For dry type transformer )
  • Number of phases
  • Rated kVA
The rated kVA for each winding is given for multiphase winding transformer.
  • Rated power for each kind of cooling
  • Rated frequency
  • Rated voltage including tapping voltage
  • Rated current for each kind of cooling
  • Connection diagram

It is given in the cases where the connection symbol will not give complete information regarding the internal connections
  • Percentage impedance voltage at rated current
The measured value corrected at 75 degree centigrade. The reference power should be given for multi winding transformers.
  • Type of cooling
If the transformer has several methods of cooling, the outputs that differ from rated power may be shown as percentage of rated power.
( Example : ONAN / ONAF , 70% / 100% )
  • Type of filling
  • Operating pressure range
  • Maximum and minimum absolute pressure for which enclosure is designed
  • Pressure and temperature of filling medium at the time of sealing
  • Total mass
Transformer exceeding 5 tonnes
  • Insulation level
It is applicable for winding rated for voltages of 3.6 kV and above and to the neutral end of the windings with non uniform insulation.
  • Temperature rise ( If specified )
  • Insulation liquid
It is specified if not mineral oil.
  • Winding fitted with tapings
Table giving the tapping voltage, the tapping current and tapping power of each winding for each tapping
  • Short circuit impedance on the extreme tapings and on principle tapping
  • Information on the ability of the transformer to operated at voltage exceeding 105% of the tapping voltage

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