Tips For Energy Saving in Television

Energy Conservation in Televisions

In this post, some of the non-technical methods of energy conservation in television is given. It includes size of TV, energy saving mode, screen blanking feature, darker room with sensor, LED TV, LCD TV and switched off main supply.

Tips For Energy conservation in Television

  • Switch off the TV when you are not watching it.
  • An energy – efficient 32 – inch LCD will typically use half the power of a model with a 42 – inch plasma screen.
  • Switch to energy saving mode rather than normal viewing mode. It usually dims the backlight which means the power consumption should drop by a third. 
  • If you are listening to the radio through your TV, make sure you use the radio screen blanking feature. It saves energy.
  • If you are viewing your TV in a darker room with the sensor switched on it can dramatically reduce power consumption to 30 to 50% by adjusting the contrast of the picture automatically. The Philips eco TV detects relative brightness and brightness of room and adjust the light to illuminate picture which saves energy.
  • Disable any quick start option that leaves TV in standby mode default.
  • Use of single TV in spite of two or three TV in single house
  • Larger size TV does not shut down completely when you press power button therefore switch off main power supply of TV.
  • The LED screen is similar to LCD screen but light emitting diode saves energy. The plasma TV consumes 2 to 3 times energy than LED TV.
  • If TVs are available in energy label, buy TV which has higher energy level or star.

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