Solar Pump

Solar Pump

  • It is a photovoltaic technology which converts solar energy into electricity to run motor.

Working of Solar Pump

  • The photovoltaic cells in solar modules convert sunlight in to Direct current electrical energy. 
  • The DC energy is fed to DC motor. If motor works on AC, the DC is converted into AC via variable frequency drive. 
  • The pumping system consists of motor and impeller, the impeller propels water movement and motor drives the pump.


Supply to DC and AC Solar Pump


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Benefits of Solar Pump

  • One time investment and zero running cost during sunlight
  • Easy for farmers to cultivate land during day time
  • Drip and sprinkle system can be connected with the solar system
  • No maintenance to solar system except cleaning of solar panels.
  • Reduction of carbon emission and pollution
  • Easy to operate
  • 25-year life of solar modules

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