Energy Conservation in Industrial Furnace

Industrial Furnace

In this post, some of the methods of conservation of energy in the furnace is given. It includes optimization of combustion air, exhaust losses, excess air level, main air pressure, fuel quality, excess air monitoring, axis of burner, ceramic coating of furnace and flue gases from furnace.

Energy conservation – Industrial Furnace

  • The optimization of combustion air is most attractive and economical measure of energy conservation.
  • The exhaust losses can be reducing and hence reduced fuel consumption by proving minimum excess air for combustion.
  • Correct excess air level saves fuel
  • Control the air infiltration
  • To maintain air pressure of combustion air
  • Fuel quality
  • Excess air monitoring (Excess air reduce flame temperature, furnace temperature and heating rate)
  • The axis of burner should be slightly upward angle
  • Heat recovery of furnace is done by (1) Metallic recuperators (2) Ceramic recuperates and (3) Regenerators
  • The ceramic coating in a furnace chamber promotes rapid and efficient transfer of heat, uniform heating and better life of refractories. The energy saving of 8 to 10% is achieved by ceramic coating.
  • Flue gases from furnaces can be re – utilized in industrial applications such as charge preheating, preheating of combustion air

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