Waste to Energy Government Scheme

Waste to Energy Government Subsidy / CFA

The objective of the programme is to support setting up of waste to energy generation projects for generation of Biogas / BioCNG from urban, industrial and agricultural wastes.

  • It provides central financial assistance to project developers  and service charges to for inspection agencies for commissioning of waste to energy plant.
  • CFA – Central Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for Waste to Energy Plants

Bio CNG / Bio Gas / Compressed Bio Gas

  • Rs 4.0 Crore per 4800 kg per day for Bio CNG generation from new Biogas Plant
  • Rs 3.0 Crore per 4800 kg per day for new Bio CNG generation from existing Biogas Plant
  • Maximum CFA of Rs. 10.0 Crore for both cases

Power generation From Biogas

  • Rs 0.75 Crore per MW for new biogas plant
  • Rs. 0.5 Crore per MW for existing biogas plant
  • Maximum CFA of Rs. 5.0 Crore for both cases

Power Generation From Bio & Agri Industrial Waste ( Other than Municipal solid waste through incineration process )

  • Rs 0.4 Cr per MW
  • Maximum CFA Rs. 5.0 Crore per project

Biomass Gasifier For electricity / thermal applications

  • Rs 2500 per KW electrical with duel fuel engines for electrical applications
  • Rs 15,000 per KW electrical with 100% gas engines for  electrical applications
  • Rs 2 Lakh per 300 kW electrical for thermal applications
Source : Bio construct*

CFA For North Eastern States

  • The eligible CFA would receive 20% higher for plants set up in NE region states / UTs like Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar islands and Bio methanation plant set up in register Gaushala/ shelter.
  • Service charge @1% of total CFA of minimum Rs 50,000 provided for both implementing agency and inspecting agency.

How to avail Financial Assistance?

  • The time period for the commissioning is 24 months for waste to energy plants and 12 months for biogas gasifiers from approval. The proposal is done through online before commission of plant.


  • The CFA to be awarded for waste to energy based on the performance of the project for at least three consecutive months

Average PLF achieved at least last three months

% Eligible CFA



60% and 80%


50% and 60%


< 50%



Forms For Biogas Plants

You can download forms from below link.


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