What is Green Hydrogen?


In this article, formation of green hydrogen, fact about green hydrogen, steps to produce it and advantages and disadvantages of green hydrogen is given.

Green Hydrogen

  • It is production of hydrogen from renewable energy through electrolysis.
  • It is a process of splits water into basic elements – hydrogen and oxygen using electric current. 
  • The electricity used in this process comes from renewable.

Fact about Green Hydrogen

  • Most expensive method of production of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen generates zero emissions
  • Electrolysis can be powered by renewable energy sources like wind energy , hydro energy or solar energy.

Steps to produce green hydrogen

  • Cleaned water is pumped into electrolyzer
  • Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen
  • Oxygen is released into atmosphere or utilized and hydrogen is captured

Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Hydrogen


  • Hydrogen does not emitting polluting gases either during combustion or during production.
  • It is easy to store hydrogen.
  • Green hydrogen can be transformed into electricity or synthetic gas and can be used for commercial, industrial or domestic purpose.
  • It can be mixed with natural gas at ratio up to 20% and transport through pipes.


  • Green hydrogen is generated by renewable energy sources which is more expensive
  • Production of green hydrogen requires more energy than other fuels.
  • Hydrogen is highly volatile and flammable element therefore safety measured are taken to prevent leakage and explosions.

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