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In this post, some of the important questions of Triac are given. It includes full form of Triac, Triac is bidirectional, terminals of Triac and advantages and disadvantages of Triac.

Important Question of Triac

State the full form of the TRIAC.

  • Triode AC switch

Why the Triac is called as bidirectional?

  • The conduction of the Triac is done either polarity of the supply voltage therefore it is called as bidirectional.

How many terminals the Triac consists of?

  • Three : MT1, MT2 and gate

Which semiconductor device requires more gate current in order to turn it on? Triac or SCR

  • SCR

Whether the Triac is turned on by positive gate current or negative gate current?

  • Either positive or negative gate current

Give reason : The Triac is rarely operated in the first quadrant with negative gate current and third quadrant with positive gate current.

  • Due to less sensitive

In which quadrant of the operation, the Triac has greatest sensitivity?

  • First quadrant with gate positive gate current and third quadrant with negative gate current.

State the advantages and disadvantages of the Triac.

Advantages of the Triac

  • Bidirectional
  • Only single fuse requires for protection
  • The Triac requires only one heat sink of larger size whereas the two anti parallel SCRs requires two heat sink of smaller size.

Disadvantages of the Triac

  • Low rating as compared to SCR
  • Less reliable
  • Low dv / dt as compared to SCR

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