Diac - Interview Question Answer

Describe the meaning of DIAC.

The DIAC signify that the diode works on AC.

Whether the DIAC is unidirectional?

The DIAC is bi – directional.

Why the DIAC is not conducted when the supply voltage is below break over voltage?

Conduction of Diac
  • When the supply voltage is less than the break over voltage of the DIAC, only leakage current flows through the device. 
  • This leakage current flows due to drift of the holes and electrons is not sufficient to conduct the device therefore the DIAC does not conduct when the voltage across it below the break over voltage.

What do you mean by negative resistance characteristics of the device?

Negative resistance characteristics
  • When the voltage across device increases, the current through the device decreases and vice versa.

State the common break over voltage of the DIAC.

28 to 30 Volt

In which quadrant, the DIAC has same characteristics?

First and third

State the applications of the DIAC.

Applications of the DIAC
  • Triggering of the triac
  • Diac – Triac pair is used for the control circuit

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