13000 Job in Gujarat | India’s First Lithium-ion Plant

India’s Lithium-ion Factory in Gujarat

The government of Gujarat and tata group signs MoU under the new electronics policy to set up lithium-ion manufacturing plant in Gujarat. A 20 GW power plant with investment of Rs 13,000 cross in phase creates job opportunities to more than 13,000 people directly and indirectly.

Prime Minister’s vision

  • Net zero carbon emission
  • 100% electric vehicle adoption
  • 50% carbon reduction by 2030
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Lithium-ion Factory by Tata Group

  • A giga-factory of this kind will be operational in Gujarat for the production of the first-ever lithium-ion cells in India. 
  • This plant will have an estimated initial investment of around Rs.13,000 crore and will have a production capacity of 20 GWh. 
  • It will generate direct and indirect employment for more than 13,000 people. 
  • The state government is committed to increasing carbon-free, energy-efficient, and clean energy production by boosting the production of electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions.
  • In this context, the usage of EVs will increase the dependence on lithium-ion batteries. 
  • With the establishment of Tata Group’s plant, Gujarat will become a leading state in lithium-ion cell manufacturing and will also receive assistance in setting up a battery manufacturing eco-system in the state.

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