IISc, Bengaluru Develop Green Hydrogen From Biomass

Hydrogen Generation Technology

  • IISc, Bangalore and research and development center of Indian Oil Corporation limited signed a MoU to develop and demonstrate biomass gasification-based hydrogen generation technology for producing fuel cell grade hydrogen at affordable price. 
  • Under this MoU, IISc and Indian Oil will work jointly on the optimization of both biomass gasification and hydrogen purification process. The hydrogen generated from the R & D center Faridabad will be used to power fuel cell buses as a part of project.  
  • Hydrogen is green and clean fossil fuels. 
  • The vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cell emits only pure water as byproduct. 
  • The Indian Oil is pioneer in hydrogen research and launched trials of 50 buses using hydrogen CNG as a fuel in Delhi.

IISc, Bengaluru Develop Technology to Produce Green Hydrogen

  • The Indian Institute for Science, Bangalore researchers have developed new technology to produce green hydrogen from biomass, a plant based renewable source of energy. 
  • The biomass is converter in to syngas or synthesis gas mixture rich in hydrogen – in a novel reactor with oxygen and steam. 
  • The pure hydrogen is generated from the syngas with the use of an indigenously developed by low pressure gas separated unit.

Carbon Negative Fuel

  • Prof S Dasappa Said: This is because in this process, steam, which also contains hydrogen, participates in both homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. 
  • The production of hydrogen is negative. Dasappa added that hydrogen comes from fossils fuels synthesized by steam reforming of methane. 

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