Hydrogen Fuel Cell Train in India

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Train In India

  • The Indian Railways Organization for Alternate Fuels ( IROAF ) has invited bids to develop for hydrogen fuel cell based hybrid power train for retrofitting the 700 HP diesel hydraulic locomotives running on the Kalka – Shimla narrow gauge in Himachal Pradesh. 
  • The scope of work will cover design, supply, retro fitment, testing, and validation, prove out, field trials, fuel cell and battery-based power stack modules, hydrogen storage and associated equipment and supervision work for retro fitment on the diesel hydraulic locomotive.


PEM Fuel Cell Train

  • The total energy requirement for up and down trips on actual driving cycle is 1556 kWh and 1170 kWh respectively. 
  • The power train consists of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell as primary energy source and battery bank as secondary energy source. 
  • It must meet with peak power requirement.  
  • The energy management should be designed such that the state of charge of battery remains the same from the state of the cycle to the end. 
  • The Indian Railway has been pursuing clean technology solution is to become net zero emission by 2030.

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