Variable Frequency Drive

What is Variable Frequency Drive?

The frequency converter is also called as variable speed drive or variable frequency drive. 

This drive basically consists of two parts

( 1 ) First part which converter AC to DC and

( 2 ) converts DC into AC.


  • The second part provides variable voltage, variable frequency AC output voltage. 
  • The frequency converter provides variable frequency to the motor to control the speed. 
  • The variable frequency drive only used for starting and stopping the motor if there is no need for speed regulation. 
  • The filter is installed with drive in order to reduce harmonic generation.

Advantages of Variable Frequency Drive

  • The rated torque is available at low speed. 
  • The starting current is reduced which is 0.5 to 1.0 times normal current. It is usually 1.5 times normal current. 
  • Soft stop - When water pump stop , there is water hammering in the pipe systems during direct stop. 
  • The variable frequency drive provides soft stop.  The soft stop function also provides long life to belt.

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