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Joule Law


The heat generated in the conductor for a given time is directly proportional to

  • Square of current passes through conductor for a given time
  • Directly proportional to resistance for a given current and time
  • Directly proportional to time for current flows through resistance

   H = I2Rt


   H = Heat generated

    I = Current passes through resistance

  R = Resistance

   t = Time for current flows through resistance ( second )


An electric iron of resistance 10 ohm takes current of 3 Amp. Calculate the amount of heat generated in 60 second.


I = 3 Amp

R = 10 ohm

t = 60 second

H = I2Rt

   = ( 3 )2 ×10 × 60

   = 9 ×10 × 60

   = 540 Joule

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