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Types of Cable

Types of cables

There are following cables as per operating voltages.
( a ) Low Tension cable : Operating voltage up to 1 kV
There are two types of low tension cable
  • Single core
  • Multi core

( b ) High Tension Cable : Operating voltage up to 11 kV
( c ) Super Tension CableOperating voltage up to 33 kV
There are three types of Super tension cables
  • H type / Screened type
  • SL types
  • HSL type ( Combination of H type and SL type )

( d ) Extra High Tension Cable : Operating voltage up to 66 kV
The Extra high tension cable may be Oil filled or Gas filled.
( A ) Oil filled cable : There are three types of oil filled cables.
  • Single core
  • Single core sheath channel
  • Three core filler space channel

( B ) Gas filled cable
The Gas filled cable may be further classified as 
  • External pressure cable
  • Internal pressure cable 
The internal pressure cable is further classified as
( 1 ) High pressure gas filled cable
( 2 ) Gas cushion cable
( 3 ) Impregnated pressure cable
( e ) Extra Super Voltage Power Cable : Operating voltage of 132 kV and above
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