Advantages of Under Ground Cable Over Transmission Line


  • The possibility of breaking of cable is reduced.
  • The maintenance cost of underground cable is very low because of less chances of fault occurrence.
  • The inductance of the cable is low whereas the capacitance is comparatively high because of low space between cables.
  • The sheath of cable absorbs surge energy therefore its effect is negligible.
  • No interference with communication lines if it is placed at 90 degree with respect to communication line cable.
  • There is less interruption of supply because the cable is not affected by severe weather, lightning conditions.
  • There is no sag problem as well as not affected by wind, ice and higher temperature.


  • The laying of underground cable is more costly as compared to transmission line.
  • As the transmission line voltage increases, the cost of cable increases.
  • Location of fault finding is not very easy.
  • The cable draws high charging current because it has high capacitance due to less spacing between them.
  • Once the route of cable is fixed, it is not very easy to extend from intermediate point of cable.
  • Tapping as well as joining of cable is difficult.

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