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Inspection Report For Low Voltage Installation IE Rules-1956

Report number
Challan number
Date of inspection
Inspection fee Rs

Date of last inspection
Consumer no
Voltage and system of supply
( I )
( II )
Number of Phases
( III )
Types of Wiring
Name of Consumer
Address of Consumer
Location of Premises
Particulars of the installations
( I )
Leakage of premises :   Number ______ Connection Load in kW
( 1 )
Light points
( 2 )
Fan points
( 3 )
Plug points
( II )
Other equipments
( 1 )
( 2 )

Total connected load in kW

Maximum current demand in Amp ………………………. ( On the basis of connected load )
( III )
Generators ( In case of consumer himself generating energy ) ………………………
( 1 )
( 2 )
General condition of the installation

** Here state casing capping, lead covered of teak wood batten, concealed, conduit, tough, rubber sheathed and such other types

Rule of the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956

29 ( I )
Is / are there any sign ( s ) of overloading in respect of any apparatus wiring?
( II )
Conditions of flexible cords, sockets, switches, plug – pins, cut – outs and lamp holders and such other fittings.
( III )
General condition of wiring
( IV )
State if any unauthorized temporary installation exists
( V )
State if sockets are controlled by individual switches
( VI )
Any other defect or condition which may be a source of danger
Give report on condition of service lines, cables, wires, apparatus and such other fittings placed by supplier / owner of the premises
Has the supplier provided suitable cut outs within consumer’s premises within enclosed fire proof receptacle?
32 ( I )
State if switches are provided on live conductors
( II )
State if indication of permanent nature is provided as per this rule so as to distinguish neutral conductor from the live conductor
( III )
Whether a direct line is provided on the neutral in the case of single phase double pole iron clad switches instead of fuse?
33 ( I )
State if earthed terminal is provided by the supplier
( II )
Have three pin plugs been provided for plug points?
( III )
Report on the efficiency of the earthing arrangement
Leakage on premises

State insulation resistance between conductors and earth in mega ohms.
50 ( I )
State if linked switches of requisite capacity are provided near the point of commencement of supply
( II )
State if the wiring is divided in suitable number of circuits and each such circuits is protected by suitable cut out
( III )
State if supply to each motor / apparatus is controlled by suitable linked switch
( IV )
Has it been ensured that no live part is so accessible as to cause danger?
61 ( I )
Have the frame of every generator , stationary motor and so far as practicable portable motor and the metallic parts of all other apparatus used for regulating / controlling energy been earthed by two separate and distinct connections with earth?
( II )
Is the earth wire free from any mechanical damage?
( III )
Is the case of conduit / lead covered wiring has the conduit or lead cover been efficiently earthed?
( IV )
If the consumer has him own earth electrode, state if it is properly executed and has been tested with satisfactory results

Overhead lines
74 ( I )
State if the consumer has any overhead line and if so their condition with to specific reference to relevant rule
93 ( II )
Is there any other overhead line near the premises of the consumer which does not comply with rule 79 / 80 ?
( III )
Is guarding provided for overhead lines, if it is inside the factor for road crossings and busy localities?
( IV )
Any other remarks
Inspecting officer’s Signature
File Number
Copy forwarded to the Electrical inspector for _______ in accordance with rule 46 ( I )( b ) of the Indian Electricity rules, 1956

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