Building Sub - Station For Multistoried Building

The following points to be noted for building sub - station of Multi - storied building
  • A transformer with more than 2000 litre of oil shall not be located in the basement area where proper oil drainage arrangement is not provided. 
  • If the transformer is installed in the building below ground level, they shall be in the first basement in a separate fire resistance room of 4h fire rating wall. 
  • The entrance of the room shall be provided with fire resistance door of 2h fire ( wall withstand at least for 2 hour without damaging itself ) rating.
  • The direct access to the transformer room shall be provided only from outside. 
  • The switch gear shall be housed in a separate nearby room with fire resistance wall not less than 4h rating.
  • The transformer is protected by an automatic high water spray system if it is installed in the basement. 
  • If the transformer oil capacity is less than 5000 litre, there is no such protection necessary.
  • The transformer is segregated from other areas of basement by fire resistance wall of 4h rating if it is installed in the basement. They may be protected by bromochloro difluro methan ( BCF ) or bromotrifluro methane ( BTM ) .
  • The transformer is cut off from other portion of the premises by fire resistance wall of 4h rating if it is installed at the ground level.
  • The oil filled transformer is installed only on the ground floor.
  • If the oil capacity of transformer is less than 2000 litres, soak pit ( It is wall chamber that allows oil / water to slowly soak in the ground ) of approved design is provided. 
  • If the oil capacity exceeds 2000 litres, a tank of RCC structure with suitable capacity is provided at a lower level to collect oil from catch pit in the case of emergency. 
  • The pipe connecting with tank and catch pit should be non – combustible construction. The dry type transformer is installed for residential buildings.

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