Energy Conservation in Refrigerator


In this post, some of the tips for energy conservation in refrigerator is given.

Tips for Energy Conservation in Refrigerator

Place of refrigerator

Refrigerator is kept away from direct sunlight, radiators and other heating and cooking devices. It is placed where air circulation is possible. The seal of the door must be checked frequently, if there is some leakage or not.

BEE star refrigerator

Always purchase BEE star 3/4/5 rating refrigerator.

Refrigerator motor and compressor

All types of refrigerator motor and compressor generates heat therefore it is placed where continuous airflow surround it. The refrigerator cooling system required more energy if the heat cannot escape.

Air circulation in refrigerator

Frequent open and close door waste cooling inside refrigerator therefore avoid unnecessary open/closed door of refrigerator.

Food in refrigerator

Avoid to put hot and ward foods inside refrigerator. The condensation in the refrigerator will be reduced by putting hot food.

Refrigerator door seals

Check whether the refrigerator door seals are clean and tight, if it is loose replaced it.  

Refrigerator condenser coils

Clean refrigerator condenser coils regularly, if dust deposits on it, motor uses more energy.  

Defrost refrigerator

Accumulation of ice reduced the cooling system inside refrigerator in the manual defrost refrigerator. Always use defrost button to defrosting ice.

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