Agriculture Feeder Solarization Incentive Scheme

Solar Incentive Scheme

The ministry of India has issued details guideline for feeder level solarization on 4th December, 2020. 

The DISCOMS will be implementing agency for feeder level solarization in the respective areas.

Why separate feeder has solarization?

The feeders having major load for agriculture may be considered for solarization under the scheme. The requirement of total power under the agriculture feeder will be assessed and solar power plant capacity is decided to agriculture feeder that can be installed though CAPEX mode or RESCO mode which supply power to the feeder. There is no cap for capacity of solar power plant for feeder level distribution. The DISCOMs may identify land near distribution substation and set up solar power plants.

Feeder Solarization Incentive

The cost of installation of solar power plant has been estimated of Rs 3.5 Cr / MW. The incentive for agriculture feeder solar is given as below.

Sr. No




All states of India except special states and UTs

30% CFA

Remaining cost will be met through load from NABARD/REC/PFC


North Eastern states Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Lakshadweep and A & N island

50% CFA

Remaining cost will be met through load from NABARD/REC/PFC


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