Toxic Chrome Coating

What is Toxic Chrome Coating?

  • A new method of deposition of Nickel alloy coatings on high-performance materials in engineering applications can replace environmentally toxic chrome coatings. 
  • The coatings obtained are also highly corrosion-resistant and useful for the plastic ware industry.
  • With ever-increasing demand for high-performance materials in engineering applications, nano-crystalline coatings can cater to the need for the replacement of environmental hazardous chrome coatings.
  • Chrome coatings have been used in plastic bottling industry to improve the service life of die-casting components

Challenges for Toxic Chrome Coating

  • As the chrome plating is a toxic process, and the stringent standard permissible exposure limit (PEL) for toxic hexavalent chromium and all its compounds has to be complied in all chrome plating industrial workplaces. Procedure for adhering limit is challenge for scientists

Direct Current & Pulsed Current Technology

  • Scientists at the International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy & New Materials (ARCI), has developed a lab-scale process to deposit novel nanostructured Nickel alloy coatings. 
  • The process uses pulsed current electroplating, which is environmentally friendly with high production capacity. 
  • Earlier, direct current technology was used for electroplating purpose.
  • The process consists of environment-friendly electrolyte consisting of nickel and tungsten ions that is the source of strengthening elemental tungsten (W) and nickel (Ni). 
  • The pulsed current is non-consumable anode and component to be coated acts as cathode.
  • The pulsed current effect was used for nano-crystalline coatings wherein high instantaneous current density for very small duration resulted in high rate of nucleation. (It is initial process that occurs in the formation of a crystal from a solution, a liquid or a vapour). 
  • Unlike in conventional direct current plating, the coatings were virtually porosity free, crack free with minimal hydrogen uptake.

toxic chrome coating

Features of Toxic Chrome Coating

  • High harness
  • High wear resistance
  • Extremely corrosion resistance
  • Withstand up to 700 hrs of salt spray

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