Types of Solar Glass


The output of the solar panel depends upon types of solar glass. Today, we discuss different types of solar glass which may affect the performance of solar output.

( 1 ) Low iron solar textured solar glass


  • Low potential induced degradation (PID) leading to higher module output
  • Higher transmission
  • Lower iron content solar glass with 60 ppm
  • Higher chemical durability
  • Very high hydrolytic resistance and ability to cater requirement of larger modules like 96 cells and standard 72/60 cells module
  • The full tempered glass is two times stronger than heat strengthened glass and 4 times stronger than annealed glass
  • Mechanical strength over 180 mpa
  • Safer to operate with compared to heat strengthened glass

( 2 ) Solar Glass with Matt – Matt  Finished


  • Matt finished on both sides
  • Transmission up to 94% with appropriate AR coating
  • The adhesion result ( Peel Test ) are much better as compared to standard requirement of 60 N / cm2 – 70 N / cm2.

( 3 ) 2mm Fully Tempered Solar Glass

  • Low cost ownership throughout the life of project in terms of higher mechanical strength, safety and longer life
  • It is 2 times stronger than heat strengthened glass.
  • Glass is safer and stronger than heat strengthened glass which leads to larger and sharper pieces when broken
  • It is used for rooftops, safety glass for BIPV and claddings
  • It is 35% lighter than traditional 3.2 mm glass so easy to handle and installations
  • Frameless modules with glass have superior edge sealing leading to increased module life up to 40 years with no power losses.
  • Higher reliability – reduce rate of module failure, use of laminated module in the rooftop

( 4 ) NoSbEra : Antimony Free Solar Glass

  •  The Borosil has developed world’s first antimony free solar glass.
  • There is a burning issue due to antimony present in the glass. Antimony in the solar glass is toxic and causes skin and respiratory problems , interferes with gastro – intestinal functions, causes chromosomal damage in leucocytes, inhibits health production, possible carcinogenic to humans
  • Each EV module has a front glass weighing about 16 kg and antimony content of 32 to 48 grams in it. Proportion of antimony in solar glass is typically 0.2% to 0.3%.

( 5 ) Antiglare Solar Glass

  • The antiglare solar glass has specially designed texture surface. 
  • It uses diffusion mechanism to diffuse the reflected light off the surface. It makes unwanted images does not focus to the eye and reduces their interference.  
  • When diffusion increases, less light reflected which eliminates the glare.
  • The transmission of anti-glare glass is lower than that of non textured solar glass. 
  • The antiglare solar glass is suitable for PV installation near airport.

( 6 ) Solar glass with anti reflective coating

  • The transmission of anti reflective coated solar glass is beyond 94%. 
  • The anti reflection coating on solar glass consists of thin layer of dielectric material with special chosen thickness. 
  • The destructive interference of light and reflection depends upon refractive index ( RI ) of coating material and thickness of coating.

To ensure maximum transmission, the solar glass manufactures ensure

  • Coating material with right refractive index
  • To ensure optimum thickness of coating
  • Uniform coating
  • Testing is done to ensure durability, refractivity and light transmission

( 7 ) Solar glass with anti-soiling coating

  • The solar modules tend to cause loss in energy production due to dust, moisture and also localized weather conditions. 
  • The solar glass with anti soiling coating soils is easier to clean. 
  • It also reduces cleaning cycle, labour charges to clean solar panels. 
  • The anti soiling coating improve direct performance and indirect maintenance saving.

Reference : Borosil Renewable

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