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Band Reject Filter OR Band Elimination Filter


Band Reject Filter ( Band Elimination Filter ) ( Band Stop Filter )

  • It is a filter in which frequencies below lower cut off frequencies and above higher cut off frequencies are passes whereas stop band frequencies are attenuated.

Range of frequencies

f < fL

fL < f < fH

f > fH

Allowed to pass

Not allowed to pass

Allowed to pass


Classifications of Band Reject Filter

There are two types of band reject filter

( 1 ) Wide band reject filter

( 2 ) Narrow band reject filter

Wide band reject filter


  • The wide band reject filter is made by using low pass filter, high pass filter and summing amplifier. 
  • The lower cut off frequency ( fL ) of the high pass filter must be larger than the higher cut off frequency of the low pass filter. 
  • The passband of the low pass filter and high pass filter must be equal.


Frequency response

  • The frequency response of the wide band reject filter is shown in the Figure.


Narrow band reject filter ( Notch filter )


  • It is also called as notch filter. 
  • The Q factor of the narrow band reject filter is always greater than 10. 
  • As the Q factor is greater than 10 , its bandwidth is much smaller than that of wide band reject filter.

                                                  Q > 10

There are two types of notch filter

( 1 ) Passive notch filter ( Twin T notch filter )

( 2 ) Active notch filter


Twin T notch filter ( Passive notch filter )

  • It consists of two T shaped networks made of resistors and capacitors.
  •  One T network is made of 2 resistors and one capacitor whereas other T network is made of two capacitors and one resistors. 
  • The notch frequency ( attenuation frequency ) is given by

                                    f = 1  / 2πRC


Disadvantages of Twin T notch filter

  • Low figure of merit

Active notch filter

  • The figure of merit of the notch filter can be increased by using active notch filter as shown in the figure. 
  • It is simply voltage follower circuit. 
  • The output voltage of the OP – Amp is fed back by R/2 and 2C circuit.


Applications of band reject filter

  • This type of filter is used for rejection of single frequency, 50 Hz / 60 Hz power frequency hum.
  • To eliminate undesirable frequencies in the communications and biomedical instruments

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