What do you mean Interconnected Distributor?

  • Sometimes the ring main distributor has to cover large area, in that case voltage drop in some section may become higher than that of its variations limit. 
  • In order to reduce voltage drop, the distributor are joined through a conductor is called as interconnected distributor. 
  • Figure shows interconnected type ring main distribution system PQRST.
  •  The point Q and S of the ring distributor are joined through interconnector QS. 
  • The solution of this network is done through Thevenin theorem.


  • Open interconnector QS and find potential difference between QS. It is equivalent to Thevenin voltage Vth.
  • Calculate resistance viewed form point QS. It is equivalent to Thevenin resistance Rth.
  • Join Vth, Rth and RQS is in series.
  • Current through interconnector IQS = Vth / ( Rth + RQS )



  • The main advantages of interconnected type ring main distributor are that the voltage drop at the interconnected point is reduced. 

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