Compare : Base Load plant & Peak Load Plant

 Base Load Plant

  • The unvarying or constant load in a given time ( day, week, month or year ) is called as base load. The start and stop of the power plant takes some considerable time.
  • The base load is constant throughout the day or given duration.
  • The load factor is higher as compared to peak load.
  • High unit generation
  • Thermal power plant, Hydro power plant, Nuclear power plant is taken as base load plant.

Peak Load Plant

  • The peak demand of load above of base load is called as peak load.
  • The peak load occurs only for short duration. The peak load occurs mostly in afternoon and night time during summer.
  • The load factor is lower as compared to base load.
  • Low unit generation
  • Very easy to start and stop small power plant is considered as peak load plant.
  • Run off river hydro power plant, small solar plant is taken as peak load plant

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