Factor affecting schedule speed


Acceleration and retardation

  • If the acceleration increases for a given run and with fixed crest speed, the actual time of run decreases and this will increase in schedule speed.

Schedule speed = Distance between stops / ( Actual time of run + stop time )

  • Similarly braking retardation will also affect the schedule speed. 
  • The variation in the acceleration and retardation affects schedule speed in the case of shorter run as compared to longer run.

Maximum speed

  • The schedule speed will increases if the crest ( maximum ) speed increases or we can say that the schedule speed increase because the actual time of run decreases if the crest speed increases.  
  • The effect of crest speed is considered only for long run duration.

Stop time ( Duration of stop )

  • If the stop time reduces, the schedule speed increases for a given average speed.  
  • The stop duration will affect the schedule speed more in the case of shorter duration as compared to long duration this is due to fact that the stop duration for urban and suburban service is very small. 
  • If the distance between two stations is long, the stop time less affect the schedule speed for main line service.

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