Function of Series Booster


  • The function of the Booster is to compensate voltage drop in the feeder. 
  • The booster is basically a DC series generator whose function is to inject certain voltage to feeder in order to compensate voltage drop in it. 
  • The DC series generator is mechanically coupled with DC shunt motor as shown in the figure.  
  • The DC shunt motor draws current from the supply mains and drives DC series generator at constant speed.
  • As the voltage drop in the feeder is proportional to load current, the booster is connected in series with the feeder.  
  • The booster injected voltage must be proportional to load current. 
  • The booster is a low voltage, high current generator working over linear portion of the voltage – current characteristics.


Important Note

  • The voltage drop in the feeder is compensated by compound wound generator but the voltage drop of the feeder of different length is compensated by Booster.

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