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What Is Fluid and Its Properties?

Science helps to understand things in a better way. We know about fluid but science helps to understand different aspects of it in a better ...


Illumination System : Diffraction, Excitation, Emission, Glare and Incandescence

Electromagnetic Radiation
  • It is defined as the emission / transfer of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves associated with photons

  • It is defined as the deviation of the direction of propagation of radiation which is determined by radiation passes through obstacle.

Energy level
  • It is quantum state of energy of molecules, atom or an ion.

  • Elevation of Energy level of atoms, molecules or ions from lower energy level to higher energy level is called as excitation.

  • It is defined as the release of radiant energy.

  • It is defined as the emission of optical radiation by the thermal radiation

  • It is condition of vision in which there is reduction in the ability to see objects caused by range of luminance.

  • It is nothing but low level of brightness.

  • It is nothing but high level of brightness.

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