Compare : Static RAM and Dynamic RAM

Static RAM
  • It can store data as long as the supply is kept on.
  • It consists of flip flop as a memory cells.
  • It is available in both bipolar and MOS technology.
  • It is used where speed is prime consideration
  • Reduce complex circuit
  • It is faster than the DRAM
  • Do not require refresh operation
  • The cost per bit is approximately four to five times that of dynamic RAM.

Dynamic RAM
  • When a capacitor charges, the data stores.
  • When a capacitor discharges, the data will disappear therefore it requires periodically refresh the data.
  • It is available only in MOS technology.
  • Moderate speed
  • Low power requirement
  • Higher capacity
  • The density of the DRAMs have four times to that of SRAMs due to simple cell structure therefore it allows four times much memory on single board as compared to static RAM.

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