Compare Distribution Transformer and Power Transformer

Distribution Transformer
  • The rating of the distribution transformer should be below 500 kVA. 
  • It is used for distribution of power at consumer end. 
  • It is designed maximum efficiency at 50% full load. 
  • Good all day efficiency. 
  • As it requires good voltage regulation, it is designed with small leakage reactance. 
  • The distribution transformer primary is energized throughout the day whether it supplies load or not therefore the iron loss occurs throughout the day whereas the copper losses depend upon load. 
  • The iron loss is kept minimum in the distribution transformer due to above fact. 
  • The design of the distribution transformer is made such that it has iron losses small as compared to full load copper losses. 
  • Therefore the distribution transformer is designed for 50% efficiency.

Power Transformer
  • The rating of the power transformer should be greater than 500 kVA. 
  • It is used in generating stations and substations at each end of power transmission line. 
  • It is designed for maximum efficiency nearly full load. 
  • As the voltage regulation has not considerable importance in the power transformer, it is designed with larger leakage reactance. 
  • The power transformer connected in operation during load condition and it will disconnect during light load conditions therefore the power transformer is designed to have maximum efficiency nearly full load.
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