Why CE Transistor Configuration is most efficient out of all Transistor Configurations?

Advantages of CE Transistor Configuration
( 1 ) High current gain
        IC =  βIB + ICBO

IB = Base current and
ICBO = Collector – base leakage current when emitter is open
β = Current amplification factor
   = IC / IB
  • The value of β is very high therefore the collector current is also more than the input base current. 
  • The current amplification factor is very high in the CE configuration.
  •  Its range is from 20 to 500.
( 2 ) High voltage and high power gain
  • The voltage gain and power gain of the CE configuration is very high due to high current gain. That is why CE configuration is mostly used.
( 3 ) Moderate output to input impedance ratio
  • The ratio of output impedance to input impedance is very small in the case of CE configuration. 
  • This makes it is suitable for coupling between two stages of the transistor. 
  • If the ratio of output impedance to input impedance is very large, the coupling between output stage of first amplifier and input stage of second amplifier is not effective.
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