Winners of First Hydrogen Business Prize

Hydrogen Business Cash Prize

  • The US Department of Energy ( DOE ) announced the winner of first hydrogen business cash prize competition. 
  • It is a part of American made challenges series in which challenged team to develop financial analysis tools that address hydrogen energy production and adoption challenges.

Winners of Hydrogen Business Cash Prize

  • The first prize of $ 50,000 was awarded to super hydrogen brothers for hydrogen business appraisal tool ( HBAT ) to consolidate the state of the art technologies. 
  • The second prize of $30,000 winner was Bend Hydrogen whose biomass gasification optimal business case analysis tool ( BOBCAT ) evaluates the business case analysis for hydrogen production from gasification.
  •  The Pure hydrogen gets third prize of $20,000 for its H2X model that analyzes business feasibility and environmental impacts for different configurations of green hydrogen production. 
  • The fourth prize is awarded to H24SCR who developed probability of integration ( Phi ) tool to calculate the visibility of hydrogen production in a given location.

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