Hydrogen As Fuel | Future of Hydrogen

Hydrogen Energy

  • As energy demand is rising day by day, hydrogen is promising energy carrier. It is non-polluting, efficient and clean fuel which could be used for most of the energy sectors like the conventional fuel or like electricity and provide energy to the nation. 
  • The hydrogen has potential to address several energy sectors and it can be substitute for the conventional fuels.

Characteristics of Hydrogen Fuel

  • Abundance available
  • High energy density
  • Better consumption characteristics
  • Non polluting
  • Clean Fuel

Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel

  • The production of hydrogen is done by primary or secondary energy source and feedstock can be decided based of local availability. 
  • The use of hydrogen can reduce the CO2 related emission significantly at the point of use and if green hydrogen is used, there is capability to decarbonize the entire value chain, enabling reduced emission and climate change threats. 
  • It can provide linkage between energy supply and demand in a centralized or decentralized manner, provides system flexibility. 
  • The low carbon energy source can be connected to sectors like transport and buildings or even steel and cement industries. 
  • It can be used for small to large scale, short term to long term storage to meet the both the seasonal or daily supply demand imbalance. 

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