Solar Rooftop Calculator in India

In this article, the solar roof top calculator is given, in which you have to enter either total rooftop area or solar panel capacity or your budget. After calculation, total monthly, yearly and life time saving due to solar roof top is given.

Solar Rooftop Calculator

You have to enter just following information in order to calculate solar roof top cost.

(1) Total Rooftop Area ______ Square meter / Square feet

       % Of Rooftop area available for solar panel ______ %


(1) Solar panel capacity ______ kW

(You have to enter solar capacity in terms of 1 kW / 2 kW / 3 kW / 4 kW / 5 kW.)


(1) Your Budget Rs. ________.

You have to enter your budget in Indian Rs. _________.

(Budget in terms of Rs. 50,000 / 1,00,000 / 1,50,000 / 2,00,000)

(2) Select State _______

(3)Select types of consumers: Residential, Institutional, Industrial, Commercial, Government, Social Sector

(4) Average Cost of Electricity = _______ Rs. / kWh

Sample Calculation of Solar Rooftop Calculator

  • A residential consumer of Gujarat state wants to install 3 kW solar panel in his house. The energy cost of electricity say Rs. 7 / kWh. Now we find out total cost of solar rooftop panel, cost with subsidy and without subsidy.



  • Benchmark cost of Solar panel : Rs. 42020 / kW
  • Cost for 3 kW Solar panel : Rs.126060
  • @40% Subsidy : Rs. 50424
  • You have to pay : Rs. 126060 – Rs. 50424 = Rs. 75636
  • 1 kW solar panel will generated average 5.0 kWh of electricity per day considering 5.5 sunshine hours in Gujrat sate, India


Solar Rooftop Calculator Saving

  • Monthly Saving : Rs. 2625
  • Yearly Saving : Rs. 31500
  • Life time Saving : Rs. 7,87,500
  • EMI Calculator 


Solar Rooftop Calculator With Subsidy / Without Subsidy , EMI Calculator for Solar Panel

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