Working of Isolation Transformer

In this article, construction, function and application of isolation transformer is given

Function of Isolation Transformer

  • The isolation transformer isolates input circuit and output circuit. 
  • As there is no electrical connection between input circuit connected to primary and output circuit connected to secondary, it provides protection to users against live equipment. 
  • It reduces the risk of person simultaneously touching live conductor and earth, as the secondary winding has no earth connection and therefore no earth current to flows. 
  • Large isolating transformer can handle power of about 250 VA – 500 VA without overloading. 
  • The primary to secondary turns ration is 1:1 in the case of isolation transformer. 
  • There is an earthed metal shield between primary and secondary winding to prevent AC passes by electrostatic and inductive coupling of the two windings.


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Application of Isolation Transformer

  • Voice and data communication equipment such as fax machines and modems
  • Impedance matching of equipment input and output of telephone lines


  • The isolation transformer does not prevent shock to person touching live conductor and neutral at the same time.


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