DC Servo Motor : Characteristics

Construction of DC Servo Motor

  • The construction of DC Servo motor is similar to that of separately excited DC Motor or Permanent Magnet DC Motor. 
  • The speed control of DC Servo motor is done by armature voltage control.  
  • The design of servo motor is done with high armature resistance therefore its torque – speed characteristic becomes linear and negative slope. 

Torque – Speed Characteristics of DC Servo Motor

dc-servo-motor- characteristic-of-servo-motor.png

  • The negative slopes provide viscous damping for the servo drive system.
  • The armature mmf and field mmf are show in the figure and they are 90 degree with each other. 
  • It provides fast torque response. 
  • A step change in the armature voltage produces quick change in the speed of the motor.

Application of DC Servo Motor

  • Radars
  • Tracking and guiding system
  • Process controller
  • Computer and machine tools

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