Proximity Effect


  • The current distribution in the conductor is affected by nearby current carrying conductor, it is known as proximity effect. 
  • Let us consider that the two conductors carrying current in the opposite direction, the magnetic field set up by the first conductor tend to cause an increase in the current density in the adjacent portions of the conductor.
  • If the current flows in the same direction, the current density increases in the remote parts of the conductor.
  • The proximity effect affects the current distribution in the conductor similar to that of as in the skin effect. 
  • The proximity effect increases as the diameter of conductor increases, frequency increases and distance between conductor decreases. 
  • The proximity effect more pronoun in the cable as compared to the transmission line because the distance between two or more cables are much closer than that of transmission line.

Factor affecting proximity effect

  • Conductor size
  • Frequency
  • Resistivity
  • Relative permeability of the material

Proximity effect on Stranded conductor

  • The proximity effect is more and less eliminated in the stranded conductor because stranded conductors are twisted in the opposite direction resulting average value of magnetic field produces by them is same.

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