Construction of Single core LT cable

A cable may be single core / multi core depends upon type of service for which it is employed. The LT cables are used for voltage rating up to 1,000 V. 

Single core LT cable


  • It consists of single circular core at the center of the cable. 
  • It is made of stranded copper / aluminum conductor.  
  • It may be also solid aluminum / copper conductor.


  • This core is insulated by layer of impregnated paper or varnish cambric over it.

Lead Sheath

  • The insulation is covered by lead sheath. 
  • The function of the lead sheath is to protect core against moisture.



  • The metallic sheath is protected against corrosion by using fibrous material or hessian tape.


  • The single core cable is not provided with armouring in order to avoid armoring loss in the cable.

Why armouring is not used in the single core LT cable?

In order to avoid excessive armoring loss

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