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Classification of Transmission Line


The classification of the transmission line is done according to the line voltage and length of the line.

( 1 ) Short transmission line

Length of line < 50 km

Voltage < 20 kV

  • The effect of capacitance is neglected in the short transmission line whereas the effect of resistance and inductance is taken into account.

( 2 ) Medium transmission line

Length of line : 50 km to 150 km

Voltage : > 20 kV and < 100 kv

  • The effect of capacitance is considered in the medium transmission line.
  •  The medium transmission line is further classified on the basis of considering the effect of capacitance.
  • Nominal T method : Total capacitance is considered at the center of the line
  • Nominal π method : Half capacitance is considered at the sending end and half capacitance at the receiving end side
  • End condenser method : Total capacitance is considered at the receiving end of the transmission line

( 3 ) Long transmission line

Length of line : > 150 km

Voltage of the line > 100 kV

  • It is considered that the line constants ( resistance, capacitance and inductance ) are uniformly distributed across the line and rigorous method is employed for the solution of the transmission line.

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