Synchros Interview Question Answer

State the different types of Synchro.

Types of Synchro

  • Control transmitter
  • Control receiver
  • Control transformer
  • Control differential : Control differential transmitter and control differential receiver

Which type of stator and rotor construction the control transmitter consists of?

Control transmitter

  • Stator : It has three phase winding similar to that of induction motor.
  • Rotor : It has projecting poles

Describe the principle of operation of control transmitter

Principle of control transmitter

  • The control transmitter works on the transformer principle.
  • It consists of three phase stator winding on the stator and single-phase rotor winding on the projecting poles.
  • When the rotor winding is energized, it produces alternating flux which induces unbalanced voltage in the stator winding.

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