DC Chopper Interview Question Answer - 2

Which chopper is also called as four quadrant chopper? 

Type E chopper

What is meant by RLE load?   

It is simple motor load in which E indicates back emf of the motor.

Which chopper is also called as two quadrant chopper?    

Type B chopper and type C chopper

Which type of chopper configuration is used in the Jones chopper?  

Type D chopper

Which circuit provides commutation for the Jones chopper?     

The auxiliary SCR, capacitor C, diode and auto transformer provide commutation circuit for the Jones chopper.

Which circuit provides commutation for the Morgan chopper?

The capacitor, saturable reactor and diode provide commutation circuit for the Morgan chopper.

Comment on the value of the inductance pre saturation and post saturation of the saturable reactor

The value of inductance before saturation of the saturable reactor is high whereas its value is low post saturation.

How many thyristors the load commutated chopper consists of?


Describe the advantages of the load commutated chopper.


No commutating inductor requires

No noise

Less costly

Low weight

It can operate at high frequency therefore minimum requirement of filter

Commutates any amount of current

Describe the disadvantages of the load commutated chopper.    

Disadvantages of load commutated chopper

High switching losses at high frequency

Low efficiency in high power applications

The peak voltage is twice the supply voltage but it can be reduced by filtering

The voltage across freewheeling diode is twice the supply voltage therefore fast recovery diode must be used.

Explain the term : Multi phase chopper    

Multi phase chopper

It is a chopper which consists of two or more than two choppers operating at same frequency and proper phase shift

Describe the operating modes of the multi-phase choppers         

Operating mode of the choppers

Phase shift mode

In phase mode

Describe the function of source filter in the chopper circuit        

Function of source LC filter in the chopper circuit

The LC filter is connected between supply source and chopper. The LC filter reduces


Source voltage fluctuation

Signal interference

Supply distortion

State the application of the DC Choppers 


Marine hoists

Speed control of induction motor

Traction motor control

Battery operated vehicles

Trolley car






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