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Laws of Reflection and Refraction

  • When a ray of light strikes any boundary between two transparent substances, it is divided in to reflected ray and refracted ray.
Law of Reflection
θ1 = θ1
θ1 = Angle of incidence
θ1’ = Angle of reflection 
I = Incident ray
R’ = Reflected ray
The incident ray ( I ) , reflected ray ( R’ ) and normal ( N ) are in one plane.


Laws of Refraction
It is known as Snell’s law
( Sin θ1 / Sin θ2 ) = ( µ1 / µ2 )
θ1 = Angle of incidence
θ2 = Angle of refraction
µ1  = Refractive index of medium 1
µ2  = Refractive index of medium 2
The incident ray ( I ) , refracted ray ( R ) and normal ( N ) at the point of incidence are in one place.
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