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Electrification of Residential Building-Multi storied Building

Simple Residential building

  • The supply for residential building is 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase from distribution transformer. 
  • The maximum point should be 40. 
  • There is casing capping, PVC, battern wiring or surface conduit wiring is used.
  • The load is calculated from installation plan. 
  • The wiring is done as per IE rules and it depends upon electrician. 
  • The testing of wiring is done as per IE rules and test report is given to supply authority. 
  • The size of the cable is decided after each circuit / sub circuit. 
  • There is 250 V, 10 Amp, 2 ways, 4 ways or 6 way type distribution boards is used for single storied residential building. 
  • The size of earthing wire for residential building is 14 SWG copper or GI wires. 
  • The maximum earthing resistance should be 8.0 ohm. 
  • There is no necessary for substation if load is very less. 
  • No requirement of lift and water pump for single storied residential house ( However the necessity of water pump depends upon scarcity of water )

The following installation is not necessary in the residential house.
  • Intercom
  • Emergency supply for DG set
  • Lightning arrester
  • Special Lighting installation
  • Smoke detector, fire alarm system

Multi storied Building

  • The supply for Multi storied is 440 V, 50 Hz, three phase four wire from distribution transformer. 
  • The load for high rise building must be higher than single residential building. 
  • The installation of wiring is done form installation layout, wiring diagram and power distribution diagram. 
  • There is surface conduit or concealed conduit wiring is used. 
  • The load is calculated form installation layout and plan. 
  • The wiring is done by highly skilled wire man under the supervision of supervisor according to IE RULES. 
  • The current is calculated from each circuit and sub circuit.
  • There is necessity of one / more than one distribution board at each floor.
  • There is provision of separate installation for light, fan, three pin socket and power point. 
  • The bus – bar chamber is used for distribution of supply. 
  • The incoming supply to the bus – bar chamber is given through switch fuse unit and outgoing is given to TP&N switch. 
  • There is necessary of separate distribution board for common power load.
  • The size of earthing wire should be 14 SWG copper / GI wires.
  • The size of earthing wire for power wiring is done through 8 SWG copper / GI wire. 
  • The pipe or plate earthing is done in the high rise building. 
  • The earthing resistance limit should be 0.5 ohm to maximum 2.0 ohm. 
  • There is separate substation is used if the installation load should be greater than 100 kVA. 
There are following other installation in the high rise building.
  • Intercom
  • Emergency supply
  • Lightning arrester
  • Supply for special lighting
  • Telephone wiring
  • Smoke detector and fire detector circuit
  • There are air conditioners, escalator, heaters, coolers and motor type of load in the high rise building.

The testing of wiring is done as per IE rules after competition of wiring and check for safety standard
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