Advantages, Disadvantages of the Cycloconverter

  • The cyclo converter is a single stage converter therefore its efficiency is very high. 
  • The cyclo converter operates on line commutation ( except step up cyclo converter ) therefore extra force commutation components are not required. 
  • The power transfer in the cyclo converter is possible from supply to load and vice versa at any power factor
  • If one of the SCR fails, the cyclo converter operates with distorted output. 
  • The cyclo converter generates high quality sinusoidal waveform for low output frequency whereas the static inverter generates square waveform for low output frequency ( < 10 Hz ).
  • The control circuit becomes complex because there are large numbers of SCRs in the cyclo converter. 
  • The power factor of the cyclo converter becomes low for low output voltage. 
  • The supply gets short circuited due to failure of commutation circuit.
  • The output frequency of the cyclo converter is 1/3th or 1/2 for reasonable power output and efficiency.
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